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We provide you a premium range of hygienic ultra thin sanitary pads with anti-bacterial anion chip and gel technology. Made with a double protection sheet for better absorption and no leakages. The perforated layers allow air circulation, eliminating moisture and heat. Adding comfort and joy for you to have a happy and safe period.

1 review for Sanitary Napkins XL

  1. Aarti

    Activ Care Sanitary Napkins are too good, I have used many different brands of pads, but Activ Care is the best product. The following is my experience and observations with this brand:

    1. Box Packaging – The napkins are well organised and not in a messy position likewise these seem in plastic packaging.

    2. Inside Packaging – Inside the box, there are 6 packets with 4 pads each. Further each napkin is completely covered and sealed with a plastic covering which is really hygienic and dust free.

    3. Thin Pads – The pads are thin and because of the thin substance, there isn’t any discomfort wearing these.

    4. Cotton Base – The napkins have cotton base, which don’t cause infection and you don’t get rashes even in the monsoons.

    5. Easy Disposal – The box contains disposable packets, which is a plus point to this product.

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