Menstruation returns every month, as women try to relieve their pain and discomfort by looking for new and better ways to deal with it, and to do so, they have their options for managing their period.   Items used to capture blood flow include cloth pads, tampons, menstrual cups, etc. However, most women are not properly instructed and educated about menstrual management. According to a study on menstrual hygiene management, 70% of the responses recorded by women were as follows A large portion of them still use cloth instead of sanitary pads and the reasons for these consequences include lack of protective materials, lack of education regarding menstrual hygiene, lack of dedicated toilets with water, etc. Using Pads can be beneficial. Read below about types of products and advantage of using sanitary pads Two types of menstrual products:
  1. Panty Pads & Liners
  2. Tampons
  Here are the advantages of using pads:
  1. Pillows reduce health risks
  2. You can wear the pads at any time.
  3. You can use it easily compared to tampons
  4. If there is a slight flow, you can wear it.
  5. Easy to wear
  6. You can also monitor the flow.
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