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8 Layer Protection

Customer Reveiws

The best range from active care... its packaging is very good, I really liked as one packing has pads for heavy and medium flow along with liners which are very comfortable to use for other days. Also the pads are provided with individual wrapper, the pad itself is so soft and thin and absorbs for 4 to 6 hours.
Priya Thakker
Very good product of the brand, Activ care. The upper layer material is pure cotton, I guess, which is comfortable in comparison to other brand because those product may cause itchiness to the bikini lines as the upper layer is not made of cotton. You can use this napkin upto 5 hrs. I highly recommend this.
Kavya Malhotra

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September 25, 2021

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Why choose ActivCare?

Frequently Asked Question’s

ActiveCare is specially made for you to have a lovely, stress-free, care-free, and rash-free period. We care for your healthy and hygienic menstrual cycle. We aim to build health first. Choosing ActiveCare will help you stay healthy.

Eat a balanced diet, do regular exercise, stay stress-free and relaxed.

Gynecologists recommend changing the pads after every 4 to 8 hours, depending upon the flow.

Our XXL-sized pads are super soft and are designed especially for you to have a rash-free and leakage-free period. It gives you 99% protection from bacteria.

Yes, extra protection is essential at night so that one can sleep peacefully, without any stress. The length of the ActiveCare pads is longer. Hence, ActiveCare pads can be used at night.

You can peel off the adhesive at the back of the panty liner and place it just like a sanitary napkin on the panty.

The panty liners should be changed after every 12-14 hours.

The purpose of panty liners is to absorb everyday vaginal discharge, unexpected light period flow, light spotting, staining at the beginning and ends of periods, and post-intercourse discharge. One can wear it every day.

To dispose of the Sanitary napkins and panty liners, they have to be wrapped in waste paper and thrown in a dustbin which is cleaned every day.  


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